Love through the ages; Medieval Era

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  • Medieval Period
    • Context
      • Religion
        • The church instructs its people through the morality and miracle plays
        • religious devotion
        • Catholic - buy your way to heaven
      • The idea of "courtly" love was very popular
    • Chaucer
      • The Miller's Tale
        • Religion and Marriage
          • "This goode wif went on holiday"
        • Unrequited love
          • "Alas, my wif!" "Alas, mine Alisoun"
          • "Sweet Alisoun, my faire bird, my sweete cinnamome?"
        • Lustful love
          • "O love-me-all-at-once or I shall die"
    • Thomas Malory
      • Le Morte D'arthur
        • Courtly love
          • "The very purpose of a knight is to fight on behalf of a lady"
          • "So whan the duke and his wif were comyn unto the kynge,by the meanes of grete lords they were accorded bothe. The kyne liked and loved this lady wel
            • Very common theme in medieval literature
              • "The very purpose of a knight is to fight on behalf of a lady"
        • Unrequited love
  • "The sweetness of love is short-lived, but the pain endures"
    • Unrequited love


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