History medicine: supernatural causes of disease

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  • medieval: supernatural belief
    • supernatural causes
      • believed disease was a punishment from God
        • disease existed to show them error of ways to make them better people
        • cure  disease with repentance and prayer
      • caused by evil supernatural beings: demon or witches
        • some diseases cause by evil spirits
    • Church
      • Roman catholics were extremely powerful organisation. studied and though about medicine
      • church  encouraged people to believe in disease was a punishment from God, rather than a natural cause
      • prevented people from finding cures to diseases just pray and repent
      • church made scholars learn work of Galen  his ideas fir christian belief
      • church outlawed dissection, meant that medieval doctors couldn't discover ideas about human anatomy
    • Astrology
      • idea that movementsof the planets and plants have an effect on earth on people
      • astologers in medieval England believed that these movements could cause disease
      • astrology new idea of movements of planets and starts
      • medieval doctors owned a type of calendar where planets and stars were
      • doctor used star information to predict patients health
      • different star signs thought o affect different parts of body


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