medicine and drugs

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  • medicine and drugs
    • developing new medicines
      • when we develop new medicines they have to be tested and trialed extensively before use
      • drugs are tested to see if they work well .we also make sure they are not toxic and have no unacceptable side effects
      • thalidomide was develpoed as a sleeping pill and was found to prevent morining sickness in early pregnancy , it had not been fully tested and caused birth defects
    • how effective are medicines
      • satin's lower cholesterol in the blood and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 40%
      • the effectiveness of both prescribed and non prescribed drugs can only be measured in double blind trial
    • drugs
      • drugs change the chemical processes in your body , so you may become addicted to them
      • addiction is when your body becomes physically or mentally dependent on the drug
      • smoking cannabis may cause mental health issues
      • hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin , are very addictive and cause serious health issues
    • legal and illegal drugs
      • many recreations drugs affect the nervous system , particularly the brain.
      • some recreational drugs are legal others are illegal
      • the overall impact of legal drugs on health is much greater than illegal drugs because more people use them
    • does cannabis lead to hard drugs?
      • people can progress from recreational drugs like cannabis to hard drugs because  cannabis is illegal and has to be obtained from a dealer
      • cannabis smoke contains chemicals which may cause mental illness in some people. teenagers are particularly vulnerable to this effect
    • drugs in sport
      • steroids and other banned performance enhancing drugs are used by some athletes
      • the use of performance enhancing drugs is considerd unethical by most people


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