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  • media players.
    • key features
      • Small and lightweight
      • Long battery life
      • Has a large amount of storage
      • you can set playlists
      • can lock automatically to prevent unortorised access
      • you can download apps such as social media
    • security features
      • uses antivirus software
      • backup features allow users to backup data to their computer
      • locks automatically
      • passwords and biometric locks
      • you can deactivate the device if it is stolen
      • reset feature allows users to wipe all there data from the device
    • downloading and streming
      • advangtages
        • streming: it saves time as the user doesent have to wait for the file to download
        • doesnt take up storage space
      • disadvantages
        • the qualilty of the file is based on the connection
        • the video may buffer when streming it on line
    • conectivity
      • there are 3 types wireless: Wi-Fi, bluetooth, infared
      • has a USB port so you can tranfer files
      • HDMI port allows users to watch videos and films


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