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  • Connectivity
    • Data Cable Connection
      • Most common method is by USB cable
      • Phones and media players can connect to computer running the correct software
    • Bluetooth
      • Technology allowing devices to communicate with each other wirelessly
      • Communicate over short distances using radio waves
      • Devices can connect to Bluetooth-enabled peripherals such as printers or speakers
    • Wi-Fi
      • Method of wireless communication using radio waves
      • Can communicate over long distances
      • Allows devices to connect to Wi-Fi enabled peripherals such as printers, speakers, scanners, and digital projectors
    • Synchronising
      • When two devices such as media player and a computer are connected they automatically exchange data
    • Synchronising in the cloud
      • More Wi-Fi enabled devices (Apple's I Cloud) allow people to store all their data files on a remote server
      • Can access their files from all of their digital devices
      • If you download a song onto a device the file is automatically downloaded to all your devices
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