Media influences on social behaviour

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  • Media influences on Social Behaviour
    • Social Learning Theory
      • Skinner
      • Learning by observation and imitation of role models
      • Characteristics of reliable role models
        • Respect
        • Older
        • Same sex
        • Behaviours reinforced
    • Bandura
      • Bobo Dolls
        • Watch adult behave violently- copies behaviour
          • Especially if adult same sex
            • Calm gentle behaviour also reciprocated
        • Calm gentle behaviour also reciprocated
    • Dis-inhibition
      • Large amount of violence viewed as acceptable
      • Person being heroic in circumstances where people are often reluctant seen as altruistic
    • Desensitisation
      • Reduced sensitivity or physiological arousal in response to violence
      • Thomas et al
        • Two groups of children exposed to video of children behaving aggressively
          • More physiological arousal in those exposed to the violence on tv
    • Cognitive Priming
      • Cues associated with aggression
      • Jospehson
        • Canadian boys
          • One group watched gun battle-snipers communicate using walkie-talkies
          • One group watch motocross race
          • Play game of floor hockey
            • Those that watched gun battle and communicated with using walkie-talkies most aggressive
    • Stereotypes and counter-stereotypes
      • Leads to expectation that certain groups will behave in a particular way
        • Mann et al
          • Content analysis of children's tv
            • Strong gender stereotyping
              • Males more dynamic/ females socio-intelligent with aesthetic quality
    • Stimulation Hypothesis
      • Potential for education- provide suitable role models
        • Pro social ways of dealing with everyday problems
      • Johnston et al
        • Freestyle American programming reduces sex-role stereotypes
          • Characters engage in non-stereotypical behaviour + are rewarded


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