Social learning theory (SLT)

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  • Social learning theory (SLT)
    • Basic assumptions
      • Behaviour learnt from environment
      • Observation of behaviour of models and the reinforcement they receive
    • Key concepts
      • Imitation/ Modelling; observing a model's behaviour and copying
      • Identification; a model influences another person because they have similar characteristic
      • Vicarious reinforcementLearning by observing the behaviour of a model
    • Mediating processes
      • Attention; behaviour being noteworthy enough to imitate
      • Retention; behaviour must me memorable in order for it to be imitated
      • Reproduction; can we physically reproduce the behaviour?
      • Motivation; will behaviour be rewarded? (Is it worth copying the behaviour?)
    • Bandura's Bobo doll research
      • Aggressive behaviour observed = Aggressive behaviour imitated
      • Greater imitation if model and child were same gender
      • Boys more physically aggressive; girls more verbally aggressive
  • Takes cognitive processes into account
    • Strengths
    • Can show influence of media
      • Supported by research
  • Doesn't explain behaviour when there is no model
    • Limitations
    • Doesn't explain why boys were more aggressive than girls
      • Doesn't take morals and free will into account


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