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    • SULKUNEN - 140 scenes from 47 films representing various addictions were analysed. Addiction was often represented as a way of relieving a particular problem, contrasted with the dullness of ordinary life. VICARIOUS REINFORCEMENT
    • WAYLEN ET AL found that teenagers that watched films showing actos - in particular ones they admire - smoking, they were more likely to start smoking themselves. They found a sig. relationship between number of films watched containing smoking and adolescent smoking.
    • On th other hand, Boyd argues that films often show the negative consequences of alcohol and drug addicition.
    • Anti drug campaigns e.g. pablo the dog, used to wan people of the dangers.
    • Most evidence is correlational - cause or effect? -somewhat reductionist
    • free will vs determinism
    • third person effect - youn et al. people percieve the power of a media message as having a less effect on themselves and a greater impact on others.
    • inconclusive research
    • individual differences - why are some affected and other not.


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