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The Learning Approach and
Gender Development…read more

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· A child is more likely to imitate those similar to themselves so more likely
to identify and copy same sex role models.
· Learn gender behaviour through
Gender stereotypes
· Gender stereotypes can come from reinforcement by parents and the
· Heroes from a television programmes and Celebrities are most likely to be
· SLT argues that we are not born with gender stereotypes, we learn then as
we are exposed to gender stereotypical views.
Factors which increase chance of modelling:
· Appropriateness
· Relevance
· Imitation
· Identification…read more

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Operant Conditioning and Gender
· Gender matching behaviour may be positively
reinforced e.g girls rewarded for baking and
playing with dolls.
· Children may be punished for gender
inappropriate behaviour e.g. girls playing with
· This is also selective reinforcement- shapes their
behaviour to confirm gender stereotypes
· Pre-teenage children who do not confirm gender
stereotypes are less popular than those that have.
· Adult influences too- men who are caring
considered 'wimps.'…read more

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Evaluation- Strengths
+ Evidence to support SLTs concepts
+Cross Cultural studies show that gender
roles depend on the society you live in
therefore behaviour must be learnt
+Observation and learning explain how we
gain gender stereotypes. Gender stereotypes at
home as well as in the media…read more

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· Dweck et al 1978 showed that girls and boys are
reinforced and punished for different
· Mead (1935)- gender roles depend on the society
you live in.
· Morgan (1982) found females with heaviest T.V
viewing had high expectations of themselves e.
g. women in professions…read more

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Evaluation- Weaknesses
- Does not explain why some children imitate and
others do not Especially those brought up in
the same household.
-Not all media models are stereotypical.
-Not all gender stereotypes are treated equally-
tomboys tolerated more than 'sissies' in our
culture. SLT can only be partly responsible for
gender differences
-SLT has difficulty explaining why children's
understanding of gender changes overtime.
-Does not take into account child's own cognitions…read more


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