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  • MCMXIV (1914)
    • Overview: Lose of innocence, not judgemental, cynical. Mournful, nostalgic, regretful.
      • Unhappiness of realising a way of life will end.
    • Themes: Time and its passing, Memories, place, death.
      • Links Arundel tomb.
    • Title: immortalised, historically distant, distant, unfamiliar.
    • Larkin knows people were innocent maybe he wanted to live in the time, things were simpler, better life.
    • Last Stanza: irrevocability of war, war changed things. Men die and not come back.
      • 'Without a word'= changing without realising, Going to be history in 4 years.
    • 3rd Stanza (first 4 lines)= removed from whats going on, countryside doing what countryside does. Passing of time.
      • In a way England remained the same.
    • 'Differently dressed servants'= rigid class structure broke down after ww1.
      • 'With tiny rooms in huge house'= no homes like this now, Change
    • 1st and 2nd stanza: bombarded with images 2nd stanza visual.
    • 'Grinning'= didn't know the realities of war, full of ideas of victory.
      • 'Standing as patiently'= calm, wanted to be there.
    • 'Moustached archaic faces'= old fashioned, times change fast, might aswell be centuries ago coz of their beliefs.


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