women and the war

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  • Women and the war
    • sub theme: nightmares/horror
      • Poetry
        • A War Film-Teresa Hooley
        • "the sudden terror that assaulted me"
        • personification and violent imagery
          • war is an almost oppressive force
          • left women paralysed with anxiety/fear about a repeat
          • recurring nightmares and paranoia
          • A04: war was not expected in 1914, it was 'sudden'
          • inspired by film on Battle of Mons
            • First war where women would have been aware of horrors faced by men at war
          • aggressive and militant field of words
      • Prose
        • Forgive me, Mother- Evadene Price
        • "raving, blaspheming creature"
        • depicts horrors women face as nurses
          • idea that women should not be linked to war/violence
          • animalistic and violent imagery, war is dehumanising and not masculating
        • A04: pre-war suffragette movement introduce women to violence?
    • sub theme: grief
      • grief
        • Perhaps- Vera Brittain
        • "Although bereft of You"


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