The past, time and passing Larkin + small links abse

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  • The Past
    • Reference Back
      • Futility of thinking you can hold time
        • final stanza 'our' 'we' personal pronouns universal
      • Metaphor 'sudden bridge' shows brief connection between mother and son + unites parents with the past metaphorically
      • Regrets himself for failures
        • bereavement could have been more communicative
      • alternate interpretation Half Rhyme breakdown in relationship unsatisfying' or incomplete
        • break down communication
      • Nostalgic 'record personal memories
        • Link 1914
        • 198 Cathedral road
          • 'hosed objects' bringing them to life
          • 'so much dust mother' comic
    • 1914
      • Nostalgic memories
        • simpler age before modern nightmare began
        • 1914 numerals how remote it was
        • repetition of 'nenver' funeral bell
          • yearning for innocence free from commercialism which lack values
        • 'moustached' 'archaic'
        • Return to Cardiff abse ' I loved the place for what I wanted it to be'
      • Stupidity of the past/ regrets
        • war an adventure no different from football
      • place names left in wild flowers no need for them
      • The finality of the past 'without a word' era vanishes, never resumed. put in modern world
    • Love Songs in Age
      • Nostalgia mixed feelings
        • chords frank + submissive could suggest cliché.
      • Looking at past damages you
        • all time in world when young
        • 'glare + brilliance' ott remembering hurts
          • learn from past like love experience shows isn't what it seems.
            • love didn't conquer ten and not now
        • love didn't conquer ten and not now
        • Return to Cardiff nothing is as it first seemed. + Blotched love affair
      • change in her
    • Afternoons
    • Afternoons
      • powerlessness in the face of time
        • 'new' recreation temporarily new
          • like how mothers courting ruined by wind of time
        • children 'unripe acorns'
          • mother 'beauty thickened' youth passed slow decline death
      • repetition of the past inevitability - endless cycle
        • 'set free' could be to play or birth cycle birth
        • experience universal
        • dull cycle work kids domestic
        • same courting places
          • Untitled
          • Return to Cardiff 'rites of passage' have to do kissing etc...
      • time passing + decay
        • show how grow and die


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