Key World War 1 PLay Quotes

Key World War 1 play quotes, based on the topics for 2011 which are

-The results of the war

-Man's inhumanity to man



-Physical/mental/spiritual consequences

-Role of women

-Home Front

However i have not done play quotes for each of the topics.

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Black 'Ell by Miles Malleson republished in 19,25

Black 'Ell

"....fighting's foul"....."That's rather a queer view."

"Oh, my christ"

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O What A Lovely War by

O What A Lovely War

" is beyond belief, the butchery; the men look so appaling when they are brought in and so many die."subaltern at the front had now increased to three weeks."

"I say, sir, did you kow that the average life os a young

""Damn place still reeks of decomposing bodies"

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Journey's End by

Journey's End

"And becuase he's stuck it till his nerves have got battered to bits, he's called a drunkard"

"You don't know him as i do; i love that fellow. I'd go to hell with him."

"There's not a man left who was here when i came."

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Blackadder 'Screen play' broadcast 19,89


"....marry dorris"

"I'm the last pof the tiddly-winking leapfrogs from goldenm summer 19,14"

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There could be a few more but this is helpful

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