Mckinsey's 7s Model

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  • McKinsey 7s Change Model
    • Strategy
      • Strategy - Plan of action that needs to be prepared ahead of any changes. It needs to answer 3 questions
        • Where is the organisation at?
        • Where does the organisation want to be?
        • How are you going to achieve the change?
    • Structure
      • How the organisation is structured.
        • How do certain departments relate with each other?
          • Accounts/ Sales - Both deal with invoicing and have to communicate effectively about customers paying
    • Systems
      • Every organisation has certain systems that help run the day-to-day operations of the business.
        • These can help define how important work is to be done.
    • Style/Structure
      • Every organisation will have adopted their own specific way of doing things (style/structure)
        • This includes things such as the company's values and beliefs.
          • These can develop slowly over time.
    • Staff
      • Every single organisation no matter how big or small is made up of employees.
        • It is the members of staff who make the real difference within the company with society's ever growing human knowledge.
        • Organisations put in their best efforts to hire the best quality of staff
          • As well as this they also train and mentor existing staff.
    • Skills
      • What skills the employees can bring to an organisation can have an effect on the business as a whole
        • Do they need improving?
        • How may they help implement the change?
      • All members of the organisation can share a common set of ideas and core values
        • This can be what the business is built around
          • Can help guide employees to the company's ultimate goal (the change)


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