Max Weber

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  • Max Weber
    • Weber investigates the way that different types of authority of leaders shape and influence society
      • Traditional Authority: Aristocratic leaders such as the medieval feudal system
      • Charismatic Authority: eg. Church or religious leaders
      • Legal of bureaucratic authority: eg. Organisation leaders, the legal framework of modern states
    • Protestant work ethic
      • Calvinists: only way to serve god is through asceticism (strictness) = capitalism
      • The moral and spiritual virtue of individual effort and hard work
      • Consequence organisations consist of strict rules and hierarchies
    • Rationalisation
      • Weber described this as the development of modern societies based on scientific knowledge, technology + bureaucratic systems of governments
      • The efficient organisations of society
    • Interpretivist
      • Individuals' religious  beliefs help build the society they live in
      • People influence society
    • Protestantism leads to capitalism
      • Don't spend a lot of money
      • Don't have fun
      • Work hard


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