1.3.7 Mary as a model of the Church

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  • Mary as a Model for the Church
    • Key Terms
      • VENERATED: To be held in the greatest respect.
      • ANNUNCIATION: The greeting of Gabriel when he told Mary she was going to have Jesus.
      • IMMACULATE CONCEPTION: The belief that the Virgin Mary was conceived without original sin and was always full of Grace.
      • THEOTOKOS: The Greek description of Mary as the God Bearer.
    • SOWA
      • In the Gospel of John Catholics believe that when Jesus tells John Mary is his mother we are witnessing Jesus handing over Mary to be the mother of the Church.
      • St John Paul II emphasised that Mary has a personal relationship with each of us as her Children.
      • St Anselm called Mary the 'Mother of salvation' due to her bringing Christ into the world.
      • Mother Theresa encouraged Catholics to pray and follow the example of Mary in service.
    • Importance
      • Had Mary not accepted what God asked of her then Jesus would not have been born. This means there would have been no Christianity and no salvation.
      • As Mary is the literal mother of God in Christian belief Jesus is a part of the Trinity and so has a special place in the history of humanity and the Kingdom of Heaven.
      • When Mry dies she was taken to heaven. This shows the love of Jesus as e was not willing to let her die a normal death and decompose.
      • As Jesus's mother Mary is seen as 'Queen of Heaven' by Catholics. Catholics believe she prays to her son to help our prayers, showing a mothers love for us.
    • Why?
      • As mother of Christ she gave him to the world. Catholics believe the Church should show Christ to the World.
      • She was the mother of Christ and the Church is like a mother to believers as they find new life through Baptism from the Church.
      • By her assumption into heaven she shows that the Church will bring Faithful Christians into heaven.
    • Mary is a model of Christian discipleship
      • She obeyed Gods plan for her. She did not question what was to happen to her.
      • She was conceived without in and continued to be sinless her whole life. By following her example Catholics can lead pure life.
      • She showed complete devotion to Jesus.
      • She always helped and supported her son.
    • Mary is an example of faith
      • She believed the message of the Angel Gabriel at the Annunciation even though she had no proof it would happen.
      • She believed Jesus was God's son before he performed any miracles just because Gabriel said he was.
      • She trusted that God would make sure death was not the end for her son.
    • Mary is an example of Charity
      • she gave up her own life/ career to bear God's son when she could have refused.
      • She was always ready to help people.
      • She continues to pray for those who need her help.


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