RS - Human Relationships

Roles of Men and Women in Church and Family


Civil Partnerships

Divorce and Marriage

Sex and Contraception

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Roles of Men and Women in Church and Family

  • God created humans 'in his own image...male and female He created them' - they were created equally
  • Eve was created from Adam's rib bone - man was created first and woman second, as a helper, women were made for men
  • Jesus' attitude towards women in the Gospels shows that he treats women equally
  • 'Wives be submissive to your husbands.'
  • 'There is neither...male nor female...for you are all one in Jesus Christ'
  • Women are the weaker sex - Eve gave in to temptation of the apple tree

Women in the Church

  • Church of England - female ministers 
  • Anglican Church - debating whether a woman can be a bishop
  • Roman Catholic & Orthodox - no women ministers - Jesus only chose men to be his disciples and at the Eucharist, the priest presents Jesus
  • Methodist Church - allowed women as ministers for many years

Family Roles

Mother - provides a loving home for the family - Mary, mother of Jesus is the role model

Father - earns the money, protective, works, traditonally head of a Christian family

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