Marriage - Human Relationships

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  • Marriage and Divorce
    • Christian Beliefs About Marriage
      • Marriage is a gift from God
      • A solemn agreement made in the presence of God
        • Preface: "In the presence of God"
      • Intended to be a permanent relationship
        • Declarations: "Till death  us do part"
      • Ideal relationship in which to bring up children
      • Catholics belive that marriage is a sacrament (a sacred rite)
      • Many believe that sexual partners should be married
      • "It is better to marry than to burn with passion"
    • Christian Beliefs about Divorce
      • Marriage is a sacrament; vows cannot be broken
        • "What God has joined together, let man not separate"
      • Catholic chuch does annul marriages if they were not legitimate
        • marriage not consummated, marriage was forced upon them,etc
      • Instead of divorce, the couple should try to rebuild their marriage by seprating for a short while
    • Christian Beliefs About Remarriage
      • Catholics believe that as a genuine divorce is impossible, remarriage is a sinful and adulterous act
      • If a divorcee wants to remarry in a church, it is up to the vicar to decide based on the reason that the couple divorced


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