Religion and Human Relationships

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  • Religion and Human Relationships
    • Marriage
      • This is where a man and woman are legally joined together as husband and wife.
    • Cohabitiation
      • This is where a couple live together without being married.
    • Promiscuity
      • This is where a person has a number of sexual partners.
    • Polygamy
      • This is when a man or woman has more than one wife or husband.
    • Monogamy
      • Being married and faithful to one person.
    • Adultery
      • This is when you have sex with someone other than your marriage partner.
    • Abstinence
      • Abstaining from sex.
    • Divorce
      • A legal ending of a marriage.
    • Annulment
      • A marriage is declared null and void, as if it never happened.
    • Sacrament
      • Marriage is a physical act with a deepr spiritual meaning which is blessed by God.


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