Views on Heterosexual relationships

This mind map shows the Church teachings about heterosexual relationships and the attitudes of some Christians to premarital relationships

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  • Views of the church on heterosexual relationships
    • Sexuality
      • Sexual relationships are best within marriage
      • It involves and affects the whole person
      • Marriage provides the level of commitment, trust
      • It should be celebrated and enjoyed responsibly
      • Gives stable environment for rearing children
      • Self-control is essential for its joys to be most fully experienced
      • Casual sex shows disrespect and a lack of responsibility towards ones self and the other person
      • It is an integral part of being human
    • Adultery
      • Causes deep hurt and sense of betrayl
      • Breaks marriage vows
      • Loss of trust within relationship
      • Against the 10 commandments and other biblical teachings
    • Encouragement of chastity before marriage
  • Attitudes of some Christians to pre-marital relationships
    • Availability of reliable contraception means that sexual relationships are safe before marrriage
    • Social changes, e.g. delay in age of marriage , make it unrealistic to wait until marriage for a sexual relationship
    • Premarital relationship acceptable provided it is within the context of love and commitment


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