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  • Marina
    • Context
      • ?
    • Form
      • This poem takes quite a visual form as the lines mimic the shape of waves. One line is really long, then the next is really short, so it looks like the tide going in and out. Enjambment and frequent commas are used towards the end of the poem  to help speed it up and show the confusion of the father as well as his worry.
    • Meaning
      • The poem is about confusion: "singing through the fog". "What images return" could be referencing memories that the father has of his daughter.
      • The "meaning Death" lines could simply mean that he knows whatever she has done with her life, she will have to face death.
      • The repition of phrases like "what" and clear/clearer or strong/stronger, further show the confusion of the father.
      • References to his daughters infant years: "small laughter"
      • The poem becomes more frantic at the end and oxymoronic phrases come back into the poem.
    • Epigraph
      • From Hercules as he comes out of madness in which he killed his wife and children: "What place is this, what religion, what part of the world?" Helps to show the confusion that will later be reflected in this poem
    • Themes
      • Family
      • Nature
      • Loss


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