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  • T.S Eliot
    • Themes
      • Death- Eliot constantly refers to death. It's meaningless.
      • Water- a sense of rebirth of modern life.
      • Futility and sterility of modern life
      • Sex and women- women are constantly being debased, meaningless sex.
      • Love and passion
      • Sacrifice- especially in The Hollowmen
      • Lonlieness
      • Isolation
      • Society and modern life- how this changes, how views depends on actions- can use Prufrock
      • Religion
      • Dissilusionment
      • Journey
      • Untitled
    • Poems
      • Portrait of a Lady
      • The love song of J Alfred Prufrock
      • Preludes
      • Rhapsody on a windy night
        • Burial of the dead, A game of Chess, The fire Sermon, Death by Water and What the thunder said.
      • Ariel poems
        • Animula
        • The Journey of the Magi
        • Marina
        • A song for Simeon


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