frankenstein quotes context and critics


context and critics

  • james clark ross's pioneering voyage to the arctic
  • shelley bore four children but only one survived.
  • classic gothic novel of the time employs narrative technique of multiple narrators telling their perspective of the tale through various mediums(waltons letters, franks's notebook, creature's tale, letters from father and elizabeth)
  • shelley intended to write a gothic novel, but thats not really the main point of the book
  • ELLEN MOERS sys that the creature's abandonment is "more horrific" than that of his creation
  • MOERS says that frank gets "retribution for...deficient infant care"
  • MOERS "shelley invented the mad scientist"
  • MOERS "all are punnished by their own excesses"(ref. prometheus, frank)
  • frankenstein "defies mortality... by giving birth" MOERS
  • MOERS "death and birth were thus as hideously mixed in the life of mary shelley" as in frankenstein's workshop
  • the creature is "at once monstrous agent of destruction and piteous victim of parental abandonment" (the creature says "i am an abortion...")MOERS
  • the novel is "a dramatization of the divided self"MOERS
  • MOERS says shelley was "a woman who, as daughter, mistress and mother, was the bearer of death"
  • shelley refers to the novel as "my hideous prodgeny"
  • sandra gilbert and susan gubar claim that "hellish femaleness is a grotesque parody of heavenly maleness"
  •  they claim that frankenstein is eve/prometeus "frankenstein's self defining procreation dramatically transforms him into an eve figure" and that he is




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