Managemt Information Systems - Overview

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  • Management Information Systems
    • "an organised collection of people, procedures and resources designed to support the decisions of managers"
      • Business -see which stock is selling best to be able to re-stock and have a competitive advantage
      • School - see which pupils are underperforming and why so that they can get help to get better
      • Hospital - look at the budget to see if it allows to buy more beds and/or get new members of staff.
    • Different to a data processing system because an MIS...
      • produces info beyond that normally expected
      • produces info where timing is critial
      • used to supply information to managers to make decisions
      • is based around a database
    • Reasons they fail
      • lack of project control - key personnel leave/ managers lose control of schedule and costs
      • fail to live up to expecations and cause managers to feel like they will never get the hang of it, they're not given the info on good timing or it doesn't give good info
    • GOOD
      • Accurate data given
      • flexible data analysis
      • produces info in an appropriate format
      • accessible to a wide range of users
    • POOR
      • Is a complex system
      • inappropriate hardware and software
      • inadequate initial analysis
      • Lack of managemt knowledge
      • Lack of management involvent i


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