Management and Leadership Styles

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  • Management and Leadership Styles
    • Management by objectives:
      • Clear focus for managers and employees
      • Subordinateshave a sense of belonging and worth
      • All members of the group are focused on the same goal
      • Time consuming to set and monitor objectives
      • Staff can feel demotivated if targets aren't realistic
      • Can create conflict between managers and subordinates
    • John Aider's Action Centred Leadership
      • Leaders need to balance 3 aspects, Task, Individual and Team
        • The 3 circles overlap to show how all areas are dependent on each other and important as separate entitys.
      • Simple model to follow and allows for flexible leadership style.
      • Can be used by any member of the business
    • Transactional ( manager) getting the job done, short term.
      • Uses incentives to motivate staff
      • Follows processes/systems
    • Transformational
      • Bigger picture with a strategic view to achieve long term goals
        • Investing time and effort for long term rewards
    • Hersey Blanchard Situational Leadership
      • The most appropriate leadership style will depend on the situation
      • Employees are categorised by maturity
        • Their level of maturity can be different based on the task in question
      • 4 basic behaviours of leaders- Telling, Selling, Participating and delegating
    • Tannenbaum Schmidt Continuum
      • spectrum between leaders who use a lot of authority vs those who delegate
      • 4 leader categories- Sells, Tells, Consults and Joins
      • On the left are autocratic leaders, and towards the right end of the scale are leaders who delegate
    • Fiedler's Contingency Model
      • Based on Least Preferred Co-worker
  • Manager rates least preferred coworker
    • Based on Least Preferred Co-worker
    • Low LPC means leaders are good at getting tasks completed, focus on the task not the team
  • High LPC suggests leader will focus on building personal connections with team


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