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  • Maldives
    • south Asia in the Indian Ocean
      • LEDC
      • 1,200 islands
      • none over 1.8m above sea level
    • Threat of rising sea levels
      • 80% of the land below 1m
      • island will be completely submerged within 50 to 100 years
      • coral reefs as a defeat against flooding, tidal surges and erosion
        • reefs are damages by anchors, tourist's and increase in temperatures
      • heavily affected by 2004 tsunami
        • or hundred people killed or still missing
        • erosion increase future vulnerability
    • prevention
      • set an example by going carbon neutral
        • high publicity including cabinet meeting underwater
      • 3m high sea wall
      • buying land in Australia and India
    • Economic impacts
      • loss of tourism which contributes for 28% of GDP
      • airport cant function when flooded
      • coastal flooding will disrupt fishing
    • social impact
      • houses destroyed
      • freshwater is reduced
      • people may have to move fro their home country
    • environmental impacts
      • flooding cause a loss of beaches
        • decrease biodiversity
        • exposing land behind


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