Effects of a 1m Sea Level Rise on the world

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  • Effects of a 1m Sea Level Rise
    • The Maldives: 300,000 people's lives would be at risk as these islands are just 2m above sea level.
    • China: 1/3 of Shanghai would be underwater with a further 70 million people's livelihoods at risk.
    • Tuvalu: The tiny island, home to 11,000 people will disappear.
    • Egypt: 15% of Egypt's farmland would disappear.
    • London: The Thames barrier could not cope with such an influx of water and would put landmarks such as Tower Bridge and Westminster at risk.
    • Senegal: The rising water would affect life in the capital, Dakar, risking 2 million lives and  many industries.
    • Bangladesh: The metre rise would destroy half of the country's rice fields and force millions to seek refuge elsewhere.
    • New York: The rise would put large global businesses and the homes of 20 million people at risk.


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