20 Major Foreign Affairs

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  • Major Foreign Affairs
    • Europe and Maastricht
      • Thatcher Bruges speech, trade association
      • Caused division within the party, backtracking
      • Maastricht, EU, Euro, Social Chapter
      • 1993 rebel MPs tried to block ratification
      • Major threatened vote of no confidence, bastards quote
      • Labour wanted social chapter
      • Good working relations with other leaders
    • Cold War
      • 1989 communism collapse
      • Poland elections, domino effect
      • Thatcher and Reagan hard line and negotiating brought peaceful end
      • Cold war ended Gulf war started
    • Balkans
      • 1991 Yugolsav state began to break up, Slovenia
      • Miosevic started ethnic cleansing Bosnia 1992
      • Major praised for peacekeeping efforts but were ineffectual
      • 1995 turned to NATO, US bombings led to treaty in 1995


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