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Political Developments/People/Events up until 1914

Political developments

The main aim of the successive German chancellor was to protect the position
of the ruling elites. Yet there were 3 challenges to the political establishment:-

Aggressive foreign policy ­ One significant challenge was from those
who wished for a more aggressive foreign…

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In 1900 a second Navy Law was passed through the Reichstag with the
proposal to build 38 battleships over the next 20 years.
In May 1906 a third Navy Law was passed which added 6 battle cruisers
and widened the Kiel Canal to allow the ships a passage to the…

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Daily Telegraph Affair 1908

Bulow's Government was undermined by an ever growing financial
deficit. Increased military spending meant that the government needed
to raise 380 million marks, Bulow suggested a property tax, the Bulow
Bloc split up with the conservative parties siding with the centre party to
oppose such measures.…

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The Kaiser seemed unmoved and remained on a hunting trip throughout
the crisis; he saw it as a military affair. Bethmann-Hollweg faced a
barrage of questions from the Reichstag.

Impact of the Zabern Affair

The Reichstag was ignored by the chancellor who only had to answer to
the Kaiser.


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