MS1 Magazine and comic front pages

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  • Magazine/comic front covers
    • Mission statement - eg to celebrate fun, glamour and a passion for life and inspire teenage girls to be the best they can possibly be (cosmogirl)
    • Brand Values eg. **** glamorous fearless intimate empowering interative
    • Reader profile (core buyer)
    • Cover lines/screamer, strapline
    • Cover mount - free gift - Burton's device of persuasion - naked reward
    • Uses and gratifications
    • Mode of address (language/style/'voice' of the magazine, the way the mag talks to its readers)
    • Regular features, advertorials, articles
    • Contractions/made up words - 'splesh' 'your bezzy mate'
    • Alliteration, thyme and assonance
    • Declaratives (makes a statement or assertions) 'all saints get mucky
    • Imperatives (get stress off your back)
    • Interrogatives (asks questions) 'feeding friends?'
    • Exclamatives 'nice tackle!'
    • Superlatives - 'the biggest, the best!'
    • Puns/word play eg. 'living la vida lopez'
    • Intertextuality, mainstream, niche market


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