MacIntyre and Business

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  • MacIntyre and Business
    • Decline in Morality
      • Big payouts to bosses but not workers
      • Sweatshops are commonly used to produce lots of goods at little cost
      • Move factories to areas where workers are cheaper to employ = Job losses
      • Many businesses are now ethics e.g. the body shop
      • 0 Hour contracts
    • Three Characters
      • THE THERAPIST may work within a business and choose to ignore bad practices
      • MacIntyre argues that the BUREAUCRATIC manager is the wrong model for virtuous living and they are very apparent in business
    • Virtues live on...
      • JACKSON - argues the development of virtues do and would help someone run a successful business
      • JCB develop skills by taking on apprentices and having a JCB academy
      • MacIntyre argues the virtues have no place in business
      • Velvet - replant trees which shows wisdom
    • Goods and Practices
      • Happy in work = Happy outside of work
      • Something to aim for at work - sense of fulfillment
      • MacIntyre argued that a business is more concerned with the external good of profit and success rather than the internal good of skills which are beneficial to the community


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