A Level - RS - Modern Approaches - Differences Between MacIntyre and Anscombe

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  • Modern Approaches - differences between MacIntyre and Anscombe
    • All humans want a moral life and to live a good life for its own sake
      • MacIntyre
        • Virtues are desirable nut humans need a reason to be moral
          • Cant rely on a concept of natural goodness
      • Anscombe
      • Example - people give presents in order to receive something in return
        • If they did not they would most likely stop giving
    • MacIntyre
      • Consequence matter
        • A degree of consequen-tialism should be added to Virtue Ethics.
          • People need to know why they should be virtuous.
            • They should work this out by using reason.
        • Anscombe
          • Virtue Ethics should be set aside till a psychological answer can be devised
            • Which doesn't focus upon consequence
    • McIntyre
      • Focuses on rather the historical aspect and how that helped to shape Aristotle's Virtue Ethics
    • Anscombe
      • Devised 3 things that are controversial to the ideology of Virtue Ethics
        • The main point of the three is that moral obligation and moral duty should be abandoned until psychology has done it's work.


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