Lysistrata by Aristophanes: Brief notes

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  • Lysistrata by Aristophanes: Brief notes
    • Juxta position of the ordinary everyday and the extra ordinary- the mingling of the commonplace with the absurd, they mythical with the down to earth
    • Lysistrata takes its name from the main character, an ordinary human character not a god- first heroine in old comedy
      • Lysistrata means 'liquidator of armies'
    • Role of women in 5thC Athens:
      • Athenian females remained legally speaking minors throughout their lives and did not strictly count as citizens but as wives and daughters of male citiens, they had no vote could not represent themselves in court
      • Women did play abig role in religion and religion was essentially political in Athens
      • Fear fr,om men, of adultery intensified as Greeks thought that women derived more sexual pleasure than men from the sexual act- very importnat roile o women was procreation- only they could produce a legitimate male heir for the househole that could become full citizens.


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