Purpose of the Chorus in 'The Frogs' and 'Lysistrata' by Aristophanes

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  • The Purpose of a Chorus: 'The Frogs' and 'Lysistrata' by Aristophanes
    • One
      • to comment on society's problems, corruption, the awful things that are happening at the time, seeing the injustice as the poet sees it, provide solutions to society's ills etc . Some comments about being anti tyranny (page 167 - against the tyrants went to war in Lysistrata)
    • Two
      • to provide comedy and entertain - Lots of examples of differenttypes of comedy - Frogs jumping about in Frogs, and in Lysistrata theslapstick  and visual humour from the old men and old women (stageviolence). Also irony of women being  in control when in fact in reallife, they don't have that role.  In the sections with the magistrate,there is farcical mockery of the magistrate by Stratyllis and the oldwomen too. Absurdity  (comment about Harmodius and state of the womenagainst men) etc...
    • Three
      • the chorus in Lysistrata may contribute to the context and facilitate the introduction of new characters too -  You could say that there is an implied contrast between the ability and capability of Stratyllis and her women and the old men and the magistrate, who can't sort out anything! Chorus introduces Spartan delegation


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