Character Summeries in Ancient Comedy

Comedies of Ancient Greece and Rome character summeries and connections.


Aristophanes: Clouds and Lysistrata.

Plautus: The Brother's Menaechmus and Swaggering Soldier.

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    • Plautus
      • The Brother's Menaechmus
        • Characters
          • Erotium = A prostitute who is manipulating her client Menaechmus.
          • Sosicles = the long lost brother of Menaechmus who has been searching for him. Also goes by the name Menaechmus.
            • Messenio = the devoted slave of Sosicles.
          • Menaechmus = the main character, a married man from Epidamnus.
            • Peniculus = Menaechmus' freed slave who stays to 'sponge' off of his ex-master.
            • The Wife = Menaechmus' wife who has money.
      • The Swaggering Soldier.
        • Characters
          • Pyrgopolynices = a handsome and conceited soldier.
            • Sceledrus = a loyal slave of the soldier, not very bright.
          • Periplectomenus = an elderly neighbour of the soldier.
            • Palaestrio = a slave of the soldier's, not loyal to him, ex-slave of Pleusicles.
              • Acroteleutium = a prostitute in league with Palaestrio.
                • Milphidippa = the maid of Acroteleutium.
          • Philocomasium = the soldier's forced concubine.
            • Pleusicles = a young man in love with Philocomasium
    • Aristophanes
      • Clouds.
        • Characters
          • Strepsiades = the main character, an elderly, corrupt farmer in debt.
            • Pheidippides = the son of Strepsiades, gotten his father into debt with his racing habits.
          • Socrates = a philosopher, not respected in ancient Athens.
            • Chaerephon = a friend of Socrates.
            • Chorus of Cloud Goddesses.
      • Lysistrata
        • Characters
          • Lysistrata = the main character, an Athenian woman wanting peace instead of war.
            • Colonice = Lysistrata's neighbour.
            • Lampito = Spartan woman.
            • Myrrhine = Athenian woman married with a child.
              • Cinesias = Myrrhine's husband.
          • Split Chorus of elderly Athenian men and women.
            • Stratyllis = the female chorus leader.
            • Magistrate = male opposition to Lysistrata's plan.


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