the frogs


514 tyrannicides try to kill hippias but kill Hipparchus 510 expulsion of hippias by king Cleomenes of Sparta 490-479 Persian wars 480 battle of marathon with Aeschylus  Thermopylae Spartans with land Artemisium Athenians by sea 469 earthquake at Laconia  MESSENIAN wars with helots  4000 infantry sent back  431-404 pelopennesian 2 (Lysistrata 20years) Alcibiades and the battle of NOT 415-413 Sicilian expedition  Multiplication of the herms bad omen never returned for trial fled to Sparta gave the Spartans advice for NOTIUM  411-410 oligarchic coup king Cleomenes tries to install COUNCIL 400 which overthrows democracy!!! Democracy restored in 410bc  Ring leaders executed phrynichus and antiphon rich Athenians disaffected given antimia Lck of the conservative vote in the ekklesia giving power to the demagogues CLEOPHON and CLEIGENES  PARABASIS of frogs say they need to band together to get through this so reinstate the citizens 410 ALCIBIADES return fight Athenians in Sicily  Send spartan army to…


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