Sustainable Cities - Los Angeles

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  • Los Angeles
    • Transport and communications
      • 10 million vehicles on the road.
      • Only 30% of people use public transport.
      • Deindustrialisation - less jobs in these sectors.
      • Aircraft industry.
      • Extensive freeways and highways.
      • Considered most congested city in USA.
    • Disparities of wealth
      • Ethnic enclaves - patchwork land use.
        • Some of the ethnic enclaves are rich, some are poor.
      • Cudahy, Bell Gardens, Watts, Huntington Park are the poorest districts.
      • Businesses and the wealthy have moved out of central areas.
      • Deindustrialisation - fewer jobs for increasing number of migrants.
      • Edge cities - Irvine, Ontario, Anaheim.
    • Areal extent
      • Car, tyre, steel and aircraft factories closed.
      • Businesses use larger areas of land on outskirts for factories and car parks.
        • e.g. Hi-tech electronics, aerospace, light-manufacturing.
      • Businesses looking for greenfield sites.
      • Doughnut city.
      • No planning restrictions (e.g. Greenbelt).
    • Quality of the environment
      • Waste - 24 million people produce 50,000 tonnes of waste every day.
        • Massive energy use.
      • Severe smog above city due to inversion layer.
      • Transport - 10 million cars on road, only 30% use public transport.
        • Congestion on roads.
      • Aircraft industries - civil and military test flights and production sites.


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