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Suburbanisation is the movement of people from city centres to the outskirts or the rural-urban fringe.

Push Factors Pull Factors
Some housing in cities is poor quality Planning laws may be more relaxed outside city
In the UK in the 1940's many houses in the inner centres so it's…

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Case Study: Los Angeles
Los Angeles has attracted people in their millions to California and has a population of 24 million.

Reasons for the growth of Los Angeles:

Transport The arrival of the transcontinental railway from the east in 1876 stimulated rapid
population growth; half a million arrived within…

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Historically, Los Angeles growth has relied on the assumption that cheap natural resources such as water
would always be available.
This assumption is proving to be damaging ­ the rising cost of energy and the shortage of natural resources
are causing problems for the city.

Water Water is piped…


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