AQA GCSE Chemistry Unit 1 3.2 Limestone and buildings materials

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  • Lime stone
    • Building Material
      • Cement
        • Limestone heated in a rotary kiln (turns to mix everything)- Thermal decomposition occurs
          • Calcium Oxide released and mixed with chemicals in clay
            • Roasted product is ground to form a paste
        • Mortar
          • Cement+ sand
          • -Can be mixed on site -re-absorbs some CO2 during production
        • Concrete
          • cement mixed with sand, aggregate and water
        • -Cheap-Easy to store
    • CaCO3
      • Thermally decomposed to make CaO and CO2
        • CaO reacts with water to produce Calcium hydroxide (an Alkali) and energy
          • Reacts with acids to produce CO2, a salt and water
          • Reacts with CO2 to produce CaCO3- a white precipitate (turns lime water cloudy)
      • Damaged by acid rain


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