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Chemistry U
nit 1
By SlimySna
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0 All substances are made of atoms
0 Substances made of one atom are elements which can
be found in the Periodic Table
0 Groups in Periodic Table contain elements with
similar properties
0 Atoms can be written as symbols(shorthand), e.g. C
(carbon), Li(lithium), Mg(magnesium),Fe(iron), Pb
(lead), Na(sodium)...etc…read more

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0 Atoms have a small nucleus surrounded by electrons:
The Nucleus:
0 Middle of the atom
0 Contains protons(+) and neutrons
0 Whole mass is concentrated in the
0 It's tiny compared to the whole atom
The Electrons:
0 Electrons(-) move around the nucleus in shells
0 Tiny, but their paths cover a lot of space
0 Electron shells explain chemistry…read more

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0 Consist of one type of atom
0 Can have different numbers of protons, neutrons and
0 Number of protons in the nucleus decides what type of
atom it is
0 In an atom, the number of protons(+) equals the number of
electrons(-) so an atom has no overall electric charge (an
ion does)
0 All atoms of a particular element have the same number of
0 Atoms of different elements have different number of
protons…read more

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Periodic Table
1.1.2…read more

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