Life after death - christianity

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  • Life after Death
    • Christianity
      • Resurrection
        • Jesus' body is different and not recognised- contradictory to the Bible
      • Death is not the end - only the end of physical life
      • Geach -life after death only meaningful if there is a unity of the body and soul.
      • Sr Paul- body and soul are reunited at resurrection.
      • At death Body and soul get separated- DUALISM
      • judgement on death- God will judge on past actions- but will forgive upon judgement.
    • Heaven
      • Paradise- ternal existence with God.
      • Christianity's ultimate goal
      • St Paul - when we see God face to face.
      • Roman Catholic- our actions have a direct influence on life after death.
      • Who goes to heaven? - only Christians/everyone/after we have paid for our sins.
      • Who is there?
      • Verification?
    • Hell
      • Punishment for bad actions in life.
      • eternal suffering
      • Suffering can mean a state of separation with God
      • Hell is God being just.
      • problem - benevolence of  God
      • is hell physical?
      • RC- purgatory
        • People can pay of their sins before going to heaven.
        • Relatives can shorten your time here for praying for your soul after death.




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