Beliefs about Life after Death

  • Peter Geach: Life after Death only coherent with the possibility of resurrection.
  • Plato: dualist, there is life after death in that the soul can be separated from the body and enter into a new body. argument of equals, opposites, recollection for the soul. 
  • Gilbert Ryle: attacks this dualist idea (he was a materialist). Talk of the soul is a category/linguistic mistake. It implies the soul is something distinct from the body, something extra. 
  • John Hick: replica theory. 
  • Aristotle: Soul is the form and shape of body. he is a monist, soul cannot be separated from body. hierarchy of faculties in the soul, faculty of intellect distinguishing humans. Soul does not survive death but he does suggest that intellectual thought could be separated from the soul and therefore survive death  -Anthony Kenny says his writing is inconsistent in this way and his ideas are not made clear enough. 
  • Christianity: believe in LAD. The resurrection of Jesus proves there is LAD. Some Christians believe in Heaven and Hell as places where your body will resurrect. Through the…


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