Matters of Life and Death

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Why Christians Believe in Life after Death?

  • The Resurrection of Jesus, proves that there is life after death
  • Jesus tells Christians they will be borught back to life in John 11:25
  • Jesus teaches he is the key to eternal life
  • St Paul teaches about how life after death and how the body will be transformed.

How these beliefs affect Christians?

Some Christians believe in the resurrection that after death th body stays in the grave til the day of judgement. This is when they are judged by God. As such they want to lead good lives so they can go to heaven

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Muslim Beliefs in Life after death

  • Prophet Mohammad was sent by Allah as the perfect example of how to live, they wil do this by following the Sharia.
  • Muslims believe in the Resurrection so the body must be kept perfectly, perfumed and buried facing Mecca.
  • Only Allah can bring and take away life.
  • Life is a test and Muslims will be judged on how well they lived folling the five pillars.
  • The good wil go to Paradise and they will go to Hell for punishment.
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Non-Religious reasons for believing in Life after

  • Near death experiences- people who have had these say they were travelling through a tunnel towards a light.
  • Existence of the Spirit World- who are thought to be the spirits of the dead that are sometimes visible to the living, use mediums and Ouija boards.
  • Reincarnation- people claim they can remeber previous lives.

The Case for Life after Death

  • People have experienced paranormal activities.
  • The mind can do impossible things, such as heal itsel of a 'incurable' disease.
  • The brain is seperate from the body.
  • People all over the world have believed in life after death since the earliest of times.
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The Case against Life after Death

  • Scientific evidence shows that when the body dies, everything decays.
  • No-on has returned from the dead to tell us.
  • The end of ife is exactly that, its ilogical to speak about life after death.
  • Life support machines proves the brain dies before the body.
  • There is simply no legit evidence.
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