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  • Legisation
    • Countryside and Right of Way Act 2000
      • Allows public to have open access to private land
      • Rights do not include: cycling, horse riding, driving a vehicle or camping
      • Rules to protect land include:
        • Be Safe
        • Plan Ahead
        • Close all gates
        • Carry Littler home
        • Keep dogs under control
    • EU Directive on Package Travel
      • Provides security for tourists
      • No additional costs paid if company fails for the customer
    • Working Time Directive
      • Workers decide not to work more than 48 hours but must sign an opt out agreement
      • Workers can't be forced to work more than 48 hours per week
    • Development of Tourism Act
      • Offer information services, research and provides grants for tourism related projects
      • Set up to encourage incoming tourism from overseas tourists
      • Four National Tourist Boards
        • Visit Wales
        • Northern Ireland Tourist Board
        • Visit Scotland
        • Visit England
    • Health and Safety at Work Act
      • Employers must provide Health and safety and welfare to employees
      • Must ensure customers are not at risk
      • All employees must take reasonable care
    • Disability Discrimination Act
      • Businesses must remove the barriers facing people with disabilites
      • Make it easier for people with disabilities to use their services
    • The Holidays with Pay Act
      • 2 weeks paid holiday for all workers
      • Employees are entitled to their pay when on holidays
      • Means more people will take holidays due to still getting paid


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