Kenya - LEDW Case study

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Kenya is an advantage to have as a holiday destination due to a combination of wildlife and beaches each year there are 10 hotels being built due to popularity.

 A lot of people travel to Kenya to go on Safaris. They like to see the animals in their natural habitats rather than the zoo e.g elephants in cages and they enjoy the thrill of drive to see wildlife. There are over 40 safari parks which covers 8% of the country.the 3 most famous ones are Masai Mara,Tsavio and Mombasa.

There are different types of transport that are used in the Masai Mara to view the animals examples includes busses/vans and Hot Air Balloons. A lot of tourists prefer Ballooning in the Masai Mara as they can see the animals at a birds eye point. However it has bring a lot of impact to the game park such as profit, animals are getting disturb by and frightened by the sound of burners, digging of area due to having to drive off track and pollution. There are 16 flights a day.

When staying at the game park tourists are can stay in 5* luxury lodges which is top of the range. There are usually 200-300 tourists a day staying for 2-3 nights. The benefits of the lodges is that there is luxury and comfort, animals are kept at a different area and at a distance and the tourists will get comfort and pampered. These suited 95% of the tourists. The drawbacks of the lodges are they are large rubbish producers which will attract animals and scavengers especially baboons and storks e.g. An animal have died from eating a battery from the rubbish.

There are man problems with the tourists visiting the Mara. There are a large number of tour buses harrasing animals such as lions which stop them from mating and hunting. There are too many tourists and they getting to close to the animals. However in order to controle this there are special Anti-Harrasment patrols been put in place to stop animals being harassed. Another thing there is a law to stop off roads driving because off government plan has been put in place to stop off it and you must be 25m away from the animals.

In the Masai village there are tourists visiting and talking to the the villages. The problems the village has faced due to the games park is the villagers are force to keep moving as they were forced to move…


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