A2 Travel & Tourism - Case Study: Caribbean

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Here are some key notes I made on a video about the impacts of tourism in the Caribbean:

  • problems tourism bring affect largely culture and land
  • extreme exploitation through slavery
  • achieved self government in 1981
  • the sugar industry which used to be the main source of work/income is dead due to industrial competition
  • living conditions are extremely poor
  • heavily rely on tourism for majority of income
  • main attractions to foreign visitors = tropical climates, coastal resorts
  • an estimated 4000 tourists a year
  • the locals do benefit due to income but the USA earns more as large number of materials are imported from Miami and 96 cent from each dollar goes back to the USA
  • cruise ships organise their own sight seeing trips and events on board where the tourists spend most of their money
  • the most popular hotels are owned by foreign countries
  • locals say that the all inclusive holiday packages are a leading problem
  • employment opportunities only offer low paid and low skilled work


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