Legal Moral Issues 2

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  • Legal Moral Issues 2
    • Privacy
      • Informing data subjects of their legal right and processes for complying with those rights.
      • People are not always aware of their rights under the data protection act and not all companies are ethical in use of this data.
      • Legal Requirements: Data Protection Act
        • An employee using company data to create mailing lists for a home private business.
      • Electronic monitoring systems can be used to track emails.
    • Equity
      • Development of information systems has led to divides between information rich and poor countries.
      • Richer organisations can afford the technology, the poorer cannot.
        • Therefore, the richer get richer, the poorer get poorer and the gap increases.
      • Ownership and access can determine which organisations will be successful and what will fail.
      • Digital haves and digital have nots.
        • Health Info
        • Job opportunities
        • Education
    • Intellectual Property Rights
      • It is right that people who develop new SW, HW, communication methods etc. should be rewarded for their work.
      • It is not right that this work is copied by others.
      • Many organisations will state in their code of conduct that any work produced during working hours belongs to them.


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