Unit 4

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Codes & Conducts - Need to Know!!

- Definition

- Potential Problems

- Contents (what goes in a Code of Conduct)

- Legal/Moral 

Definition- Code of conduct is a agreement made by a employee to obey the rules of an organations and to work inside a set of guidelines (both legal and moral) abouthow they would use equipment (ICT hadware) and facilities (Internet). 

Potential Problems sorted by Code Of Conduct-

- Introduction of viruses 

- Misuse of equipment (e.g. printers for private work) 

- Misuse of the internet

- misuse of telephones 

- Misuse of email

- Distribution of racist/ sexist/ offensive material

- Use of private purposes

- Inappropiate use of Mobile

- Anything that brings firm into disrupute 

Contents - 

1.Define employees responsibilities


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