Room and Curious Incident Learning Comparison- LEGO and the exam extracts

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  • Learning
    • Emotional
      • Room
        • Lego
          • Used as a lesson for Jack on how to handle Outside
          • Things will happen without JAck realising how- "they've magically turned into a car"
          • Things can't be rushed with ack- One step at a time- "One piece at a time"
          • Things can start again for JAck- when things fall apart you can build them up again
      • Curious
        • Exam
          • When he feels panic he has to breathe to calm down not lash out- "I took deep breaths like Siobhan said
          • Making himself "negligible" allows him to not have to face his emotions
          • The "pain in my chest" is anxiety but he doesn't realise this is what it is
          • His parents have emotions too but doesn't comprehend them- Father= fear-frustration. Mother=hurt to frustration
    • Social
      • Room
        • Not everyone has children- "Is there a word for adults when they aren't parents?"
        • People in the world have hobbies- "what's hobbies?"
        • He doesn't understand norms of society ie getting in the bath naked with another person- "In Room we were somettimes naked and sometimes dresse, we never minded.
      • Curious
        • It is not OK to stab anybody instead he must breathe and calm himself down.
        • Things can get nasty when relationships break down- "Don't ******* bother coming back"
        • People like to blame others (ie) Mr Shears blames Chris for the decline of his relationship with Chris's mother shown in the breaking of the photoframe. Also shows how innocents get caught up in bad situations.


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