Literary terms and concepts

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Genre :

A genre is a type of text. The three main literary genres are; Prose , poetry and drama. Genres include: Romance , historical , sci-fi , crime etc.


Form refers to the overall shape or pattern of the text. Sometimes it means the same as genre.


The terms structure and form are often used interchangably though structure can also be seen as a broader term which includes not only form but also sequence of ideas in a text. For example , this might include looking at how a text begins or ends , or how an episode in one part of a novel or play echoes an episode in another part. There might also be identifiable patterns within a text-- for instance , certain symbols or images may be repeated. Prefiguring occurs when something in a text anticipates or foreshadows a later part of the text.


Considering how writers use language essentially involves studying their use of vocabulary , grammer and sound.

Imagery and symbolism:

An important aspect of vocabulary is imagery. This term sometimes refers very broadly to writing which appeals to any of our five senses. Looked at in this way , there are five types of imagery , accorfing to which of teh senses is involved.

  • Visual imagery -sight
  • auditory imagery- hearing
  • tactile imagery…





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